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 Mountains… Could someone show me more magnificent and relaxing place? 


 When one is totally doing the autopilot things, being afraid of moving out of his comfort zone, and one isn’t sure what will be the consequences, where can he find a place that makes him miles away from everyday routine, shattering hearts and thoughts like “Hey destiny maybe you should stop torture-teasing me”. 

 It has been always clear to me that the further south you go the more easy-going people you meet. Living in a temperate climate I have been always jealous of people to whom it isn’t a blessing admiring the smooth surface of the sea water shining brightly with flashes of light or enjoying looking on majestic mountain peaks shrouded in snow from the place, where the sun is extremely hot. Even thinking in that way has been making me completely inside out by its simplicity and intricacy at the same time.  

 Doesn’t a strange harmonious feeling come over you, don’t you repress a shudder all in an ocean of thrilling emotions, don’t you feel such a ceaseless power when the sun goes down and the reflections of the sun dance like the tongues of flames on the slopes of the majestic mountains? 

 A place, which takes my breath, is obviously worth falling for.  “Rosa Khutor” is an alpine resort which boasts a location very close to the slopes, advanced technology, amazing ski slopes designed by the globe’s leading experts, and the highest service and safety standards. 


 The lower base area of Roza Valley at the Mzymta River is at an elevation of 560 meters (1,840 ft) above sea level. The resort itself is made up of three areas, the third and the highest one is located at an elevation of 2320 meters and called “Rosa Peak”.  “Rosa Peak” is the upper point of the Aibga mountain range which you can get by the cableway. The funiculars are enclosed and glazed which allows you to admire the incredible beauty of the duet of the mountains and the sky. It feels like flying higher and higher in the fathomless sky, it’s such a breathtaking experience.  

 The power of this place will never allow you just to waste your time lying on the beach or in a hotel room. In spite of all this snowboard-things and ski-stuff there is too much fun to do even in summer! Don’t forget to bring you bicycle, longboard or just a pair of comfortable trainers with you. 

 For sure, the architecture of the resort and its style will put you into confusion, for you won’t find any sight of “Russia”.  When I was driving up to “Rosa Khutor” for the first time, I felt like I teleported and crossed the border of two endlessly contradicting worlds. I couldn’t bear the thought that I was still in Russia. It seemed to be another abstracted planet with its own atmosphere, people and laws.



 It wasn’t my first experience of travelling to the mountains, but it was the greatest one. It brought about a great number of pleasant emotions and some new unfamiliar feelings which carried more me-belief than I had ever had in myself. Never before had my heart sunk so deep into the insides of my body.

I’m pretty sure that if you want to “find” yourself, or get inspired, or just have a city break, traveling to “Rosa Khutor” would do you good. It’s such a fabulous place!

 Spending time in the mountains once in a while I wonder why can’t one record a smell which makes expressiveness, courage and a wave of enthusiasm be with you all the time.


My life is never as complete as when I feel strong wind kissing my face. I’m in the self-surrender of devotion and have neither eyes nor ears for the outer worlds when there are ghost-like clouds above me.

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