I live through emotions with the knowledge how to keep them under control.

 Life is a bloody joke! When one make you freeze on oblivious thoughts about him for a long time you perforce start to attribute to all further emotions sarcastic nature refusing to turn up unappreciated and deceived again. And it makes sense however it shouldn’t be significant any more.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset It goes with saying “We can’t choose whom to like” but we can learn how to do it. What’s more we can regulate dependence. We can press the stop-button at a crucial moment, but this “stop” can prevent us from acting when acting is the only right solution.

 Pressing the stop-button at every possible moment we start living in a constant stressed-out emotional state, in a “forget-it-all manner”. We want to cry our eyes out but they don’t work that way. Is it better to keep the bottle of all these toxic devastating emotions up inside? We think “Sure”. And the whole situation in our life is so “us”. It doesn’t even seem like a new chapter, just another point in a list. We’re scared of stillness, moving, people, loneliness, being alive, dying, speaking and never speaking again.  We’re feeling blue.

 I feel like it makes sense to clear our minds of all past resentment so we can say “It beats love because there aren’t any wounds”. There is so much fun in ups and downs, and no point in not acting at all.

Stay gold! Play with your emotions!

Your Abnormal_lera