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 Hello, guys!
 How often do you muse about your outfit when you’re taking a rest or relaxing in the country. All this urban bustle and monotony like to play a trick on my mental state! In summer I consider myself obligated to my soul and body to set off for a trip to some Godforsaken village at any rate twice a month to recharge my batteries.

 They say “The beauty is in simplicity”. And I guess they’re right!

 Once taking my ease at my friend’s house in the suburb me and my friend decided to make some fashion look. Having almost NOTHING we started to take out the old granny’s wardrobe. Surprisingly we found bunches of  fashion vintage clothing which is now considered to be old-fashion.

 But speaking about country fashion, don’t seek to look chicly, for lots fashionable accessories, high-heels boots and ripped jeans won’t do you good, at least surrounded by nature you wouldn’t look harmoniously, do your best to find some looks that would allow you to look simple but complicated and beautiful.
And there is one of my variant how to be in harmony with nature by what you wear.



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 Just a simple short black top and a black maxi skirt. What do I need more to look organic?

What do you think guys about such an attitude? Hope to find your opinion in comments!
Stay gold! Become harmonious!

Your S-salvia.



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