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 Hello dear fashion lovers!
What do you think about the trend of this season?


 Fashion tights of the spring are firstly netted tights which have been considered a symbol of vulgarity and “bad taste” until recently. We got used to being in the alert with netted tights like with leopard prints but this spring all the canons are out of fashion!
As you can see, for instance, at (it’s said
on the international site that netted tights are necessary for everyone), when lots of fashion bloggers post tones of wonderful looks with mesh tights.


I wouldn’t say that netted pantyhose or socks are must-have things. But they remind you every now and then that you don’t need to treat yourself fashion and clothing with bestial seriousness. These things are funny which you can play with and experiment with. Moreover, they could revive the monotonous looks easily and cheaply!

 If you dare to create a unique look wearing mesh tights the first question is which tights to choose? Of course, the most common option is black tights, but there are red, blue, yellow, white, pink, corporal tights which look not less interesting, but also less aggressive and provocative.

Speaking about the nets, the wider the nets the more attention you draw! And another option is the thinner your legs the better netted tights look. So your choice fully depends on your courage! Don’t be afraid of adding some colors to the routine of weekdays.


 Despite the fact that fashionable girls on Instagram choose the most tight-fitting jeans models, in real life, it would be more appropriate to wear netted tights with free mom-jeans or “boyfriends”. By means of oversize frank and even aggressive sexuality of netted tights becomes more leveled, and looks become calmer and more suitable for everyday use. The perfect combination is a “ragged” mom-jeans with tights put on under jeans. 


You can put netted tights on with short skirts as well.

Be careful with the shoes, it’s better to wear netted tights with boots, sneakers, gumshoes, not high-heeled sandals.

Hope you’d like the post!
Your S-salvia.