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What’s up sweet fashionists! How your week is going?
Hope you all guys doing well!

Black is my personal lifesaver.. What could be better than black? (I’m not only about clothing). Wearing black you look simple and chick at the same time, the great thing is that you needn’t to plan or mix or style your look the whole morning, you just put the black thing on and look terrific.


 Despite the fact that it’s a man shirt and it’s a bit oversized, the shirt is my fav. It has been taken place in my closet for four years already, but there is a special mood that makes me want to put it on every now and then. So it’s kinda for rare occasions.


The blue vintage skirt passed to me by inheritance from my mum. (Aw I love her style a lot)


The black&white shawl was bought in LC Waikiki shop.
And you can see my favorite PullBear hat here as well.


 Hope you guys’ll enjoy the post! Do you prefer to wear pastel colors or paint your looks with the bright ones? Tell me in comments!
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