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Hello, guys!

 It’s high time we took our jackets off and dived into spring romantic mood, shouting “May, welcome to my heart!”. Am I right?

 Every single girl or woman hears the sun whispering “Rid of these ugly jeans, the world needs to behold your graceful legs, the picturesque curves of your figure”

 Just go and save the world with your beauty!

 Enraptured this spring fuss I’d love to share my look for calm romantic walks or loud city events.


The unchanged foundation is a long polka-dotted dress which was my mum’s some time ago. The dress is about twenty year! It could be a dumb witness of the period of complete bad taste in USSR. It goes with a belt which in my case the knitted one. It’s a good solution especially if your hips are wide.


The brown leather shoes I picked up seemed to me, at first sight, a little bit heavy and solid for such a soft look but finally I came to the conclusion that shoes made the look uniq and colorful.

And finally a classic black hat complete the image. Its strictness itself doesn’t allow the shoes to spoil the dress. Vice versa the shoes and the witch hat not only go well with each other but also complement each other.



You can make both romantic make-up or the coarse one. Frizzle hair would suit the first one, when with the coarse make-up I’d love to make some low tail parted. It’s up to you! Trial-trips make the live diverse and fun!

Sooo what do you think of such a mix of a classic vintage dress with some new-school shoes and the look itself? Would be glad to find some comments!

Hope you’re well! Stay gold and have fun!
With love from Sochi, your Abnormal Lera.


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