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  I’m mad of American culture, yeah!

 Our trip started in Krasnodar and it seemed to last for half of my life to reach the destination (five hours trip in a stuffy uncomfortable bus) while we were heading for a surf-shelter, Dolzhyanskaya kosa.

 It was raining heavily during the whole time we were bucking along in that creepy bus and the hope to have a little good rest was about to fall into oblivion just as our tents were about to turn into junk but fortunately soon we noticed that the sky had cleared and, moreover, there wasn’t any sight of a naughty downpour rain which had been our companion for such a long time. This was the first scene which had put me into confusion. I felt like we teleported and crossed the border of two endlessly contradicting worlds.



 I find myself in California and I couldn’t bear the thought that we were still in Russia. It seemed to be another abstracted planet with its own atmosphere, people and laws. As a citizen of Sochi I got used to mediocrity and selfishness but the place has turned me completely inside out by its simplicity and intricacy at the same time.

 The nature there is magnificent and majestic. There you’re surrounded by two seas as if you were on the only inhabited island and the rest of the world was a desert. Sunny beaches, huge waves, strong wind and incredible thunderstorms… Every day in this wonderful place is unique (And not even a day there can be replaced.)


  The surf-shelter itself is well-equipped for those who are fond of active lifestyle. The power of this place will never allow you just to lie on the beach.




  To my pleasure I saw a piece of the USA, which was too far and too close at the same time, in giant palms, wooden bungalows and laid-back hippies. I came across a place where I feel myself fully at ease, a place without everyday routine, a place I have been dreaming of and searching for. I received utter satisfaction and found something I really wanted to experience. And perhaps you’ll get another emotions travelling to the surf-shelter but they surely will be positive and inexpressible. This place is undoubtedly worth visiting.

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